Traditional Knowledge Meets New Technology

January 30, 2018 Life can lead in the most unexpected directions. “I wasn’t planning a master’s degree,” says Kaitlin Kok, a master’s student in Wilfrid Laurier University’s Geography and Environmental Studies program, working with supervisors Alison Blay-Palmer and Andrew Spring. During her undergraduate degree in the Geography and Environmental Studies program at Laurier, Kok was drawn to the … Continue reading Traditional Knowledge Meets New Technology

Estimating Forage Lichen Biomass

The availability of forage lichens is a key component of habitat quality for boreal woodland caribou, a species designated as a Threatened in Canada. Under a changing climate, fire regimes are expected to change as weather becomes warmer and drier. It will inevitably alter forest successional dynamics and thus, caribou habitat. One possible mechanism by … Continue reading Estimating Forage Lichen Biomass

On-the-Land at Willow Lake

With funding from NSERC PromoScience, three youth-focused, one-week camps are planned with community partners in the Northwest Territories over the next 3 years. The first on-the-land camp was the 2018 Dehcho Youth Ecology Camp at Willow Lake (Edéhzhíe), during late August, in partnership with Northern Water Futures, Dehcho First Nations and Wilfrid Laurier University, and … Continue reading On-the-Land at Willow Lake