Tristan Gingras-Hill

Research Associate, Permafrost Mapper & Spatial Analyst, Wilfrid Laurier University/Northwest Territories Geological Survey

Based out of the Yellowknife research office, Tristan Gingras-Hill is currently managing a Northwest Territories (NWT)-wide thermokarst mapping effort. Permafrost thaw is a primary cause of climate-driven landscape change in the north and has a major effect on infrastructure
and ecosystems. Understanding the distribution of thaw-sensitive terrain is critical to predicting the future state of the environment and water resources of the NWT, and for planning community and infrastructure adaptation to climate change. The objective of the NWT Thermokarst Mapping Collective is to establish a collaborative approach to develop and implement a mapping methodology with the goal of generating NWT-wide thermokarst and permafrost feature inventory maps.

Tristan completed his MSc in Physical Geography at the University of Waterloo where he investigated reclamation practices following open-pit mining in the Western Boreal Plains. He also posses a Post-Graduate GIS Diploma from Fleming College. Prior to joining the WLU Yellowknife research office, Tristan has worked in forestry and as a biologist throughout

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