The Northern Water Futures Project Management Committee (PMC) will oversee project progress, including knowledge mobilization, end-user engagement and data management. The PMC will report to Wilfrid Laurier University Vice-President: research Jonathan Newman and will consist of the NWF objective leadsfaculty leads for knowledge mobilization and data management, the project manager, and the Laurier director of research services (ex officio).

NWF objective leads will be responsible for reporting progress within their themes against the various objectives and ensuring that project milestones and deliverables are met. At all times, one of the PMC chairs will represent NWF on the Government of Northwest Territories-Laurier Partnership science steering committee, which will ensure monthly updates to and feedback from the GNWT. The PMC chairs will also provide updates at all User Advisory Committee meetings, reinforcing two-way communication between NWF researchers and the user community. Updates and progress will be measured against user needs, ensuring that the work of NWF is adequately addressing those priorities. Having the objective leads on the PMC will allow for multidisciplinary, multi-institutional involvement in decision making for the project.

The PMC will meet quarterly, facilitated by the chairs. The chairs will assume ultimate responsibility for the effective operations of the committee and all reporting to the Global Water Futures Strategic Management Committee (GWF SMC).


In the event of project delays or deviations in response to emerging end-user needs, the PMC will be responsible for generating a revised project plan and deliverables. The PMC chairs will communicate the revised plan to the GWF SMC and the theme leads will communicate the revised plan to other co-investigators within their theme.

In addition to ensuring that the project progresses against established timelines, the PMC will also be responsible for monitoring the effective and efficient use of core resources in support of NWF, including technicians and the Laurier-based Research Associate, Northern Canada Knowledge Networks and Data Manager. As all core positions report to the Laurier Office of Research Services, the PMC will report any issues or inefficiency to Wilfrid Laurier University Vice-president: research Jonathan Newman, for resolution.


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